Raw Honey Mackay


Single-batch Raw Honey from our Mackay Region Apiary

Unheated, Untreated, Unfiltered

Enjoy a moment, taste seasonal nectar from native trees, the distinct smooth Melaleuca, lashed by full-bodied Eucalyptus and light crystal clear Mangrove.

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100% Raw Honey ‘Mackay Region’

Our Mackay Apiary is situated on the outer coastal ranges of Mackay, just south of the Whitsundays. This is a very special location to CannonBee, secluded from civilization, close to mangrove estuaries rugged low-lying melaleuca and ironbark country, surrounded by sloping hills of eucalyptus, fresh water swimming holes and kangaroos bounding through the scrub, a slithering taipan and the occasional crocodile lurking on the mud flats. A slightly wild and hazardous location none the less a great place to keep bees, the spring brings the melaleuca out into full flow the bees come to life and so does the monsoon trough. We experience over 1500mm of rainfall each year brought on by steamy 100% humid days ended by the crashing lightning storms to break the heat and the occasional cyclone and flood to really mix things up.

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